OpenCL Speedboost

8 years ago by mamario

We are pleased to announce the availability of OpenCL in our Builds starting from r5805. If your graphics card supports OpenCL try enabling it in Dolphin to increase the performance. Don't forget to update your DirectX Runtime and graphics driver as well.

Spanish Language added

9 years ago by mamario

We are happy to announce the addition of Spanish language to the website. If you are interested in helping us to translate the website to other languages, we would be delighted to hear from you.

Website now multilingual

9 years ago by mamario

As we continue to be more user-friendly, the website now holds pages in portuguese and german. To switch between the languages simply click on the flag at the top of the page. Are you missing a language and want to contribute? Then get in contact with us. We appreciate every bit of help we can get.

Wii MotionPlus for Dolphin

9 years ago by mamario

Wii games that require the Wii MotionPlus are now bootable and even partially playable by using an Emulated Wiimote. This was successfully tested on Wii Sports Resort but it still suffers from random freezes.

Dolphin Netplay feature is back!

9 years ago by mamario

Dolphin's Netplay feature was broken for a long time but is working back again for Gamecube games while Wii games are not supported at the moment. Currently there is only the way to play via Keyboard because the Gamepad hasn't been implemented yet.