Why so many versions?

Dolphin is a open source project. This means that the complete source code is available for everyone. Developers from all over the world can contribute to the Dolphin project. They modify the source code and contribute their changes to the project.

Dolphin Development, Compiling

The community is very active and the source code is rapidly developed. Every day new features are added or bugs are fixed.
You can contribute and help too! You don't need to be a programer to help.

Support the community and the developer behind Dolphin. Help to make the emulator even better!

What is a revision?

Work and code contributions need to be organized. Source Code Management (SCM) is needed. Subversion is used for coordination. The code is stored in a central repository. The repository tracks the whole version history of the source code.
Whenever a developer commits new code to the project, Subversion keeps track of this and creates a new revision. It is like a version, but with a different numbering system. Instead of numbers like 0.9 or 1.0, revisions are incremented by one. When the current revision is 5081, the next one will be 5082.